Hobolite Mini Barndoor Set

with Diffuser Dome, Honeycomb Grid and Colour Filters
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The Hobolite Mini Barndoor Set is compatible with the Hobolite Mini, offering various creative lighting effects. The included Diffuser Dome and Colour Filter Gels magnetically mount to the interior ring of the Barndoor, while the Honeycomb Grid attaches over the lens with a pressure mount. Compatible with the Hobolite Mini only.

The Mini Barndoor Set contains: 

  • 1x Barndoor
  • 1x Diffuser Dome
  • 4x Colour Filter Gels (Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow)
  • 1x Honeycomb Grid

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Mini Barndoor enables controlled lighting. With the four adjustable barn doors, you can control the light spread in scenes with precision. Honeycomb reduces the light spread, control stray light, and add contrast and drama to an image. So no matter what location you find yourself in, you can control and focus the light where you want it, limit the light spillage on other areas of the image, create background effects, and more. The diffuser dome creates a wide and diffused light and can be combined with the barndoors. The perfect choice for a lightweight and quick attachment solution for interviews, on-location shoots, and even in-studio to further diffuse when used with soft boxes. Take your live-grading to the next level by adding color to your scene in the moment, on location. Choose between four colors (red, yellow, blue and green) and set your scene according to your needs. Attach them in an instant with the magnetic mount.

Hobolite Mini Barndoor Set

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